Essential Oil Diffusers


Ultrasonic oil diffuser – simply add beneficial essential oils and water to our diffuser and the oils will be dispersed into a micro vapor suspending the oils in the air for an extended time.

Insomnia. The most unpleasant of ailments. Too many of us are walking around feeling drained and unproductive simply because we are unable to achieve high quality sleep. No amount of coffee can cure insomnia. Have you tried essential oils to help you sleep?

 – Lifting mood and soothing your emotions, creating an atmosphere of peace and harmony

– Invigorating you, providing a mental stimulant without making you feel wired

– These oils provide relaxation, without making you feel groggy or putting you to sleep

– These oils can leave you feeling refreshed and not tired

– Soothe your nerves and relieve tension

– Calm you, making you feel quieted and grounded


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